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Monday, August 27, 2012

Two Wheels

The other day Tim came to me to and asked me to take his training wheels off his bike. I'm not to good with tools and stuff... I mean I probably could figure it out but... well I have a great husband that doesn't need to figure it out because he just knows how.

Anyways.... he asked to have his training wheels off. So Steve took them off. He was getting ready to help Tim learn how to ride. Steve held the bike so Tim could get on and he was ready to run next to Tim to help him out but the next thing he knew Tim was peddling away before Steve had a chance to even move.

I tried to get some pictures of Tim riding his bike but as soon as he realized that he could do it by himself he was off with all the other boys.

He has spent the next couple days just riding and riding and enjoying the freedom that comes with two wheels. 
It was fun to see him just take off, and ride. I can't believe how big Tim is getting and how when he is ready to do something he just does it.

Did you notice the crown?? He is totally king of the road!


Anonymous said...

what a big accomplishment for him, way to go Tim. Yes, definitely king of the road.

Aleatha said...

As I was reading your post I was thinking - King of the road! lol

one quick click will help me get into the top 25!!

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