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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Terrific Two

 My baby is TWO!!!! I can't believe it. The time went by so fast. What a great kid I was blessed with. {I don't think I could have planned this picture better if I tried!!}
What a joy it has been to have Benji in our family. He has such a special relationship with each member of this family.

I tried and had high hopes of doing a cute photo session of Benji to celebrate.... and it might still happen, but he is a boy on a mission and being still is not something he is very good at.
Here he is looking for "izards" This is now a daily thing. We go out and look for lizards and look at the bikes, then he tries to get into the car and then runs across the street and down the road. At that point it is time to come in.
And there are the exceptions to everything... he will slow down and snuggle with his dad.

The cute things about Benji that I hope never change.
*The way he talks. I know this will change with time but I love the words he says
 dinosauras, {and that comes with a growl after each time he says it.} bodie-bird, airpanes-airplanes, petzal-pretzels.
*He prefers mom to put him to down for a nap, and dad to put him to bed for the night. He will settle for the other if the preferred is not around but he likes his routine.
*He loves to eat!! but if you put a little of everything on his tray he will put it all in his mouth and then spit it out. He likes to eat one thing at a time.
*He has ALWAYS hated baths! That has been really odd for me {don't most babies like baths?}... but he does like to be in the bath tub, only he likes the water on and going down the drain... not filling up the tub.
*If you sing the "Clean Up" song he will look around for something to pick up.
*He will come running in from where ever he is at if you start singing a church hymn, he comes in and sings right along with you.

Here's to many more great years with you Benji. I love you and so happy and lucky to be your mom!

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