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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Offcial Beach Olympics

This past week in honor of this grand Olympic time of year we celebrated with friends and held our own Olympics on the beach. the kids participated in many of the same events that the are held at the Olympics, but there are some that are different... better.

 We had relay races.
 There was soccer.... I don't think Benji understood the rules.... but he plays by his own rules anyway.
 Everyone had a practice kick, and then it was a go.
 We had javelin throwing.
 Cute boy looking.
 And long jumping.
 There was a potato sack race, which I totally think should be in the Olympics every 4 years! This is a serious sport!
 James is getting his game face on for the hurdles.

 Tommy jumping hurdles in his own style.
 And James giving it a try. He cleared every herdle
And here we have the team photo. We had such a great time. All the kids came away as winners and beisdes all the fun that was had we learned that you really do need to train for your events.... and that chocolate does not do well in the Florida heat.

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