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Monday, August 6, 2012

My Baby

{found the empty jam jar in the garbage, and helped himself to it}
Oh Benji, how I love you.

I love that James, Tommy, and Tim were born all close together, but having them so close I didn't get the chance to really enjoy them as babies. The three of them were in diapers together. It was almost like they were one. I was in the trenches of raising them that I missed many of the baby things that they did.

With Benji it has been so different, so fun and, and so eye opening as to what I missed with the other ones. Benji is about 4 years younger than Tim, so it was almost like starting over completely.

I love all the moments that I have had with Benji.

He is the toughest child I have had so far. He the cutest little monster. He will make huge messes in the pantry while singing "I am a Child of God". He shouts at every one "Choose the Right" while he hits someone or throws a car. He is tall enough unlock and open every door in the house. In church he is difficult to handle.

But he has a way to just melt my heart. He loves to snuggle with me in the morning and after his nap. When we go to the beach and the waves are coming he will grab my leg and say "got you". He holds my hand and we go and search for "izards". He loves dinosaurs and will growl every time he sees one. I love how enthusiastic he is as we find them. His blue eyes just get to me. I love kissing his cheeks and all his cute chubbiness. And hearing "I, you" after I tell him, "I love you."

I love that I can enjoy this time with him.

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