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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Exception to the rule.

Normally I'm not big on electronic toys. I like toys that they boys actually have to play with and use their imagination. So when the idea of Geo-Tracks came up I wasn't really excited about it. Then I saw Tim play with them at Grandma's house. We got a couple more and Tim loved it!!! For Christmas we got many more tracks {thank you ebay!} and Tim is in heaven just about every day.

What I like about this is that Tim is working so hard to make his track work. And the tracks are just incredible! Up, down, under the bed and all over the room. And then he is very careful to have 4 trains going without them hitting each other. And it's fun to listen to him having his trains talk to each other.

I'm counting this as pre-engineering.

1 comment:

Mad Woman said...

Boy Spawn never even got remotely interested in trains, try as I did to make him play with them. I would have loved to have some Geo Tracks!

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