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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Whats for dinner?

James have been asking about artichokes. Every time we go to the store he asks how they taste and how we eat them. So for dinner I grabbed some at the store and got to cookin'.  It was my first time cooking artichokes and it was harder than I thought. {and I think I cooked them a bit long}

Tommy didn't really care for the artichokes, but he wanted to see the "hair" in the middle of it. So he took it all apart to get to the hair.

Tim really liked them and got the hang of it... for the most part. It took him a bit and I had to help but by the end he was doing great. {I think the melted butter help :) }
James was really excited to try it, but soon realized that you need teeth to scrape the artichokes. That is what he was lacking. I think he got enough of a taste and the verdict is still out as to weather he likes them or not. I think we'll wait a bit before we try again. Everyone needs to have teeth.

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Jen said...

Ahhh... memories of Monterey and how we'd eat artichokes every Sunday for lunch with garlic cheddar sauce... my boys are okay with the frozen ones chopped fine in chicken enchiladas, but they have yet to eat a whole one. LOVE the comment about the teeth. :)

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