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Friday, June 18, 2010

It's not real.

I was thinking about the Lavatory on the airplane and here are some things that I was wondering about.... {Hey, I can't sleep at night I need to fill my head with something.... sometimes it's solving perceived problems, other times it's random thoughts....}

Ok so here we go.

In the bathroom there is a button to call the flight attendant for help. My question is... is it really appropriate that the little guy is holding a beverage? I mean are you going to go into the bathroom and then order a drink? I would hope it would be more serious than that if you are going to call the flight attendant for help.

So you have heard of the "Mile High" club right??? {If you haven't just skip this part} My question is how is it done. Those bathrooms are really SMALL!! I would have to go in with Tim and help him because he couldn't reach, having both of us in there meant I couldn't close the door all the way. Can you imagine two adults?? Oh... Oh... and airplane bathrooms are GROSS!!! I seriously had to come home and disinfect all of us after we were on the plane. I don't think I will ever understand the thrill of the Mile High club, I would be to worried about getting a disease from how dirty it is.

And then we have the little issue of the movies. "What does this have to do with airplane bathrooms," you ask.... Well in the airplane movies people always escape through the bathroom. Well I'm going to tell you that it's pretty much impossible.... I tried. {hey... the boys were occupied and I had always wondered...} For a person of my height I needed something more than just standing on the sink to get up to ceiling. And then no amount of pushing was going to open anything up there. I would have needed some sort of tool... maybe a hacksaw or something... {but I'm pretty sure that's on the list banned items to carry on} to make a hole. And then if it was me.... I have no upper body strength so I would need someones help, and beside the fact that that would totally defeat the purpose of trying to escape, but again we have the little issue of fitting two people in there. So my conclusion.... I think the airplane movies have it all wrong, they need to come up with a more realistic way of escaping.

Ok, so those are my thoughts on the airplane lavatory.... Do you have any thoughts that I can ponder upon? Any problems that I can solve for you? I'll do it... I'm up anyway.

1 comment:

Laralyn said...

I. Love. You. Why do you not live by me? This totally made my week! I have never thought too much about the little bathroom, when I'm in it I spend all my time thinking "hurry up and get out of here" But Jerry Seinfeld does a bit about airplanes and the bathrooms, youtube it I think you'll enjoy!

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