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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You HAVE to look at this.

So many of you know that my husband is attending Palmer Chiropractic College. I know that some think that Chiropractic is only good for neck problems... like after a car accident. Yes, Chiropractic is an alternative to what many see as traditional health care, but if you really understand what Chiropractic care is you would be able to understand how much better it is for your body than the regular medicine.

Before I start I do want to say that I do believe that modern medicine is a good thing and has it's place. {I would NEVER get a root canal with out anesthetics, and Chiropractors can't do stitches or set broken bones, and genetic problems are not a field covered with Chiropractic care.} But I do think that most traditional doctors put a bandaid on symptoms for what is a bigger problem. How easy is it to write a prescription for an ache or pain??? But why do you have that pain?

Chiropractic care is more about helping the body heal itself. I believe that our bodies are amazing things and if given the proper care can stay healthy and pain free without prescription medication.

The husband is studying a technique call Upper Cervical  and the only thing that is adjusted is your C1 and C2 vertebrates, or also called your Atlas and Axis. These two vertebrates are where EVERY nerve is associated with... from your brain to the rest of your body. If any of those nerves are blocked or pinched the right signal is not getting to where it needs to go. You may have a pain in your knee.... You feel it, and it hurts. Your knee is sending signals to your brain that you are hurt, and your brain sends signals to your body to heal your knee but your C1 and C2 are not sitting right, so the signals to heal your body are being interfeared with.

There have been remarkable results from this type of Chiropractic care. Including.... but not limited to.... Minor Autistic children not even testing on the spectrum any more!!!! You can read about those HERE, HERE, {both are different studies}

The husband now has a blog to help everyone understand what Upper Cervical care is and how it can benefit your life. He has the studies that you can read and then he breaks then down so you... and I... can understand the technical terms.

It's called Atlas Un-Shrugged. Go and take a peek and read what is there. There is an article on Ear Infections that you'll want to read.

{All I ask is that before you comment here that you go and read what he has written. it is definitely worth the little extra time it will take!}


~ Dawn ~ said...

I am a firm believer in Chiropractic care. I used to not beleive in it at all, but 9 years ago I met mine and she changes my outlook on Chiropractors. My whole family see's her and she works her magic on us. :-)

My son was diagnozed with a seizure disorder and he was having really bad dizzy episodes and would sometimes blackout for a minute or so. Well my chiropractor asked if she could work on him...........let's just say, he has less episodes than before. It really works and I know it's from her care. She adjusts his neck (or area in his neck) and we are seeing fewer and fewer episodes. We bring him in every month now.

Emily said...

We LOVE chiropractors! We are ALL about helping the body heal itself...not just covering up symptoms!

How lucky you shall be to have a chiropractor for a hubby!

Wonderful stuff!

SheriDawn said...

You've got our vote too :) I love my chiropractor and DH is always trying to talk me into going to chiropractic school (he wants a sugar momma lol). As soon as we save enough pennies we're starting NAET treatments on our 8 year old for his nasty allergies.

sinika said...

You should go read my bro's blog- they just went to El Salvador on a chiropractic service trip! :)


Dr. Travis Robertson said...

Great post Leah! Great to hear that your husband is learning the upper cervical work. I will definitely check out his blog.

Melisa said...

That was a very interesting read, thanks for sharing! I think my cousin went to chiro out in Iowa or something.

My hubby is a D.O., so I totally agree with a holistic approach to medicine. However, he is also an ENT specialist, so I can't say I agree with portrayal of ear tubes on your husband's blog. My son had them while my hubby was still in med school and it was a simple, problem-free procedure.

Nikki said...

That is SOOOO cool!!! We found out about 3 months ago that our oldest has an Autism Spectrum disorder, highly functional, but not enough to be Asperger's. Now I'm wondering where I can get him some chiropractic help!!! So excited about this! Thanks for sharing :)

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