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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gun Safety

For those that don't know.... we have guns. And we talk about gun safety all the time but we have a set time every year to do a Family Home Evening with that as the lesson.

Looking at the difference in a play gun and a real one. We looked at different kinds of bullets {the balls and nerf ones, and real ones} We talked about what needs to be done if a gun is found whether in our house, someone elses, or anywhere outside of the house.... park, beach, ect.

The boys got to hold the guns and feel how heavy they are.

The boys were shown the parts of the gun and shown how it works.... with out the bullets. We talked about how dangerous guns are and what needs to be done to keep each other safe.

Along with gun safety we talked about what else can hurt people {like baseball bats, knives, rocks.... }

I believe that guns are a good thing. I know there are many debates out there whether you are pro gun or not. That's a thing for every person to decide. And whether the boys choose to have guns in their home is up to them but I want them to be knowledgeable about guns especially since we do have them. As the boys get older we will take them out shooting, but for now we focus on knowledge and safety.

...Guns don't kill people.... people with guns kill people....


Stuart and Heather Humes said...

You rock! If I had all the knowledge about guns I would share it with my kids. I guess I need to find someone that does, and have them come as a guest at FHE! Way to be proactive!

Emily said...

GOOD FOR YOU!! That is awesome.

Keep being the wonderful mom you are!!

Mad Woman said...

THat's AWESOME! I think it's essential for people to understand guns and to teach their kids. We don't have guns, but if we did, I'd be doing the same. Well done!

Levi and Kami's Blog said...

I love reading your blog!!! I have learned so much that I want to do with my family!

The King and I said...

Leah--Awesome! I think whether one choses to have guns is just that--a personal choice. And if you do have them with children around, you need to educate your children about them. Well done!

The King has a shotgun and a handgun (It's Utah, everyone has guns! But not like Ely, Nevada--EVERYONE has guns there.) and he is already planning on lessons for our future children about guns. And I'm adamant that we have a nice big gun safe when we've got children around, but I don't know if it is a necessity. My parents always had guns and I never ever had a curiosity about them because my parents talked to me about them and made me aware of what to do and not to do with them.

Also--The King heard this from . . . somewhere--

"If you were writing with a pen and you made a spelling error, would it be the pen's fault? No, it is the user of the instrument that is at fault. So it is with a gun." Obviously, a spelling error isn't as dire as shooting, but it makes the point.

Nikki said...

Such a good idea! I'm going to do it too. We don't have guns, but it's still a SUPER important message for kids to hear.

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