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Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Happy List

I decided to follow suit and create a "Happy List". For those that don't know Mamarazzi.... you are totally missing out! The way she write is like she is talking to you and you are her best friend. Oh..... and she hosts some really FABULOUS swaps!!! Anyway, her blog is Dandelion Wishes and you should go visit her!

So here is my Happy List.... in no particular order

Folding the husbands laundry makes me happy. I know this may seem funny to some, but I really enjoy it. There were times when I wasn't folding his laundry. The first when he was in Boot Camp, the second when he was in Iraq, and the third, when he was in Afghanistan. Folding his laundry is just a gentle reminder that he is still here with me.

Listening the to the boys read to me. I love sitting and hearing their little voices read from books. And for Tim who can't read yet, he tells me the story that is going on in the book. I love seeing them love books so much and love having all the books around. Going to the library is so fun and usually we have to many books and have to put some back.

Peaches.... oh, peaches make me happy. We just bought a box and canned them all and they are so good ans so sweet. {My dinner tonight consisted of saltines with butter and a half jar of homemade canned peaches.... hey, my pregnant body decide what I eat not me.. :) }

Loud music on a Saturday of cleaning makes me happy. I love rocking out with the family as we vacuum, pick up, and wipe things down.

Secret treats... You know, the one that you hide and eat all by yourself. I don't usually keep secrets from the husband, but this is one that I think is ok. I usually buy extra anyway, I just hide extra for me.... shhhh don't tell :)

Popcorn!!! Not the microwave stuff, real popcorn, popped in a oil popper {there is a difference between oil and air poppers} with melted butter and salt.... holy moly!!! sign me up!!! {it's even better when the husband makes it :) }

Also on my happy list is my pregnancy.... I am still pregnant, and that is a good thing. Tim was born at 30 weeks... apparently he thought he was done. So when we got pregnant again I was really nervous. I am 31 weeks right now and I couldn't be happier for the fact that I have a hard time bending over, and that try as I might to not to.... I have a waddle.

So that is my Happy List.... for now. Mamarazzi is going to do this every week, and I think I will too. You should too... :) Have a happy weekend!


Mamarazzi said...

boo i left a comment ans blogger started trippin...

hope this one works...

i feel the same way about my hubz whiskers in the sink as you do about your hubby's laundry. it is a silly little reminder there is a man in the house.

congrats on a loooong pregnancy.

butter on crackers? oh my.

thanks for playing along i o hope it catches on...not a bad way to start or end a week, Happy List? CHECK!

and THANK you for your very sweet words...truly. i appreciate it, a lot! you are a doll!

Sami said...

Just stoppin' by to say hi! Mmmmm peaches...I want some! I loved your whole list. You even took things (folding laundry and being pregnant) that many women hate, and turned them into happy things that brought a tear to my eye. Thank you for that!

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

what a great happy list:) congrats on the pregnancy, how exciting? is it a boy? i love your blog title! i feel outnumbered in my home as well! but our cats a girl... ehhh, she makes a mess like the guys though so she's really NOT on MY side, lol!!

Emily said...

I LOVE happy lists! I love the one about folding your hubbies clothes! Such a grand reminder to us all!

You're the best!

Camie said...

I love with happy lists. They make life that much more enjoyable. Have a happy day :)

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

Saltines with butter and fresh peaches...sounds delish!

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