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Monday, June 7, 2010

A math problem

We are going to do a little basic arithmetic... nothing to hard. Ready...

What do you get when you start with one box of peaches...{bought on the side of the rode}
ADD some clean jars {and lids}
PLUS a couple pots of boiling water... {one for blanching one for processing}

THROW IN a handsome man skinning the peaches....

ADD him filling the jars....

ADD that to him putting the lids on and getting ready to have them processed
MINUS one broken jar {not sure how that happen but at least it was only one!}

What does all of that EQUAL???
BOTTLED PEACHES of course!!!
Can we all say YUMMY!!!


Mad Woman said...

Oh I can totally say YUMMY! I can also say "How do *I* do that?!"

Stuart and Heather Humes said...

Those look divine! I wish I was there to steal a bottle. Enjoy them for me!

Camie said...

Oh those look so good. Enjoy!

Evelyn said...

Oh beautiful! I love freshly canned jars of golden red peaches! I bow down to any one who knows how to can them!

Melissa said...

Peaches are not quite ripe here yet, but we try to bottle some every year, pears too. So yummy!

Jason and Claire said...

Those look SO good! And only one broken jar? That's an accomplishment with kids;)

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