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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Law of the Harvest

I heard there was a You-Pick farm for blueberries... well I jumped all over that. I love going to those kind of farms especially since we can't have a big garden at the moment. Four of the five people in this family are blueberry lovers {James doesn't like them because they are to little... whatever} but he is coming around.

We gave each of the boys a bucket and helped them know which berries were good and ones that should be left behind to keep growing.
This was a perfect time to talk about "reaping" what you sow. I know that we did not put the work in to planting the berries but we have the opportunity to pick it. Our lesson... if you want to take some home to eat them, we need to pick them now.

One thing that is really different here in the East is that when it is hot.... it is really hot!! With the humidity, the weather is oppressing. The boys did really well and picked for a good 45 minutes. I was really proud that they made it that long. Next time we'll start early in the morning... that was our biggest mistake, it's never good to try to pick anything in the afternoon in Florida.

I really think that the boys put in a good days work, and looking at their red faces you know they did.
And what was the reward??? A homemade blueberry pie. {baked in a square pan} It was really good and that made all the oppressing hotness worth it.


Melissa said...

square or round, pies are good in any shape!We love blueberries too. We tried to grow a blueberry bush but it died. I like your way better. let a professional grow it and you pick it!

Camie said...

Nummers! I love homegrown sweetness.

Jason and Claire said...

That pie looks delish! I love that you took the opportunity to teach them. I forgot how humid FLorida gets! Yowsa! They look done;)

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

What a great family activity! I don't like blueberries either, but that pie looks pretty.

Rob, Brooke and Caleb said...

That pie looks so yummy!! The boys are so cute with their little red faces.

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