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Friday, June 25, 2010

The start of my week...

Monday morning I wake up and it was a pretty good day. And then I opened the freezer to pull out some more bread and that's when my good day went waaaaay down hill.

The bread was completely defrosted... so I took a closer look and all the ice in the ice maker was now water, the ice cream {which was the husbands favorite} was all drippy. And even the meat was defrosted.

My first thought was 'great one of the kids left it open' but after an hour and the temp in the fridge kept going up. {lovely!!!}

I jump in the car with the ice chest and fill it up with ice and head back to the house to save what ever I could. But in the end my efforts were futile.

About all that was saved was some lunch meat and some fish and a few steaks.

And for three days we lived out of a cooler. There was a lesson learned though...

I have a friend who grew up in Florida and mentioned that I should use this as a dry run for a hurricane. So I looked at it like that and realized that I needed more non-perishable easy things to pull out. So along with poptarts and raman noodles, I need to make and bottle more soups. {we have a grill and dutch ovens so we can cook things if the power ie: stove goes out} Canned fruit and veggies are good to have on had as well.

I tried to stay as positive as possible because really.... what else was I going to do. It was just not something that I needed to deal with that day.

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