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Saturday, January 15, 2011

5 Months!!

Can you believe it!!! My baby is 5 months old already!! My, my where did the time go??

Over the Christmas break he decided that wanted teeth. So rather than get one at a time, he got 4!!! 4 teeth all at once, you might think would be bad but really, it was easier than I thought. There was no snot, or fever, he was cranky but nothing much beyond that.
Can you see two pearly whites peeking out?? He doesn't like me to stick my fingers in his mouth unless he is biting them, so no pictures of the bottom two... but they are there... I promise

He has decided that rolling over is for babies and would prefer sitting. He is getting really good at sitting now and has much better control. Every now and then he throws himself backwards and bonks his head but most of the time he does really well.
When I say he doesn't roll over I mean he doesn't roll over when I'm watching. He does end up on his back in the morning if I leave him in his bed for to long. He just doesn't roll over when I can see it.

When he is sitting he will get himself to his tummy and play with his toys and even turn himself in a circle on the floor.... but no rolling.

He is starting to enjoy food. Butternut squash is his current favorite thing. Corn.... not so much. I think he just likes being at the table with us, and being fed.... again.... is an extra bonus.
I love his happy little personality! All of the boys were happy babies but Benjamin is a HAPPY baby! He will smile at everyone and then be a little flirty with them too. Flashing them a smile and then hiding in my shoulder.  He likes to giggle too. I'll pick him up and he'll start giggling, and he is starting to have tickle spots... so now I can hear that giggle when ever I want to.... hey... there are some perks to being a mom.

He loves to sequel! When we are all sitting together he'll tell all what he is thinking as well. He will sequel all the time, but it's really cute... when we say prayers he is always quiet. I can count on one hand the times that he has been noisy or even cried during a prayer.
He is such a joy to have!! Time has just flown by!! I forget how fast it goes, and then they are kids and not babies any more. Sometimes... Most times I just want time to stop so I can hold my babies longer while they are still babies.


Sami said...

Awww...what a cutie! My sister has 3 boys, and I don't know how you moms do it without a little bit of a break from the testosterone. I bow to you!
SO excited to be your swap partner, and learn more about you. WOOHOO!!!

Emily said...

Look at those baby blues! Such a handsome lit'l guy! Hooray for slowing down to hold your baby while he's still....a baby! You are such a good mommy! Keep up the amazing work!!

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