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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Boys at Play

James and Tommy are part of a group called ECHO Rangers. It's a program in the area we live in that has activities set up to do in the county we live. We took advantage of one that was a self guided thing. We went to the DeBary Mansion and walked around the grounds. It was cool to see the old ice house and where the current ground keeper lives. There was a place to play for a minute so of course we had to stop to play.  I got some great pictures of the boys!!!
I love the sheer glee hi his face!! I want a rope swing so I can see this face every day!!!

I swear he gets older every day. I mean I know he does, but he is starting to look it.
Tim... really.... can you have a more mischievous look?? He is always up to something I just never seem to know what that is. 

I love these days of childhood I love seeing them grow and having these days with them. People have asked why I home school.... this is part of it. I get the best part of their day. I get to see them at their best.  And enjoy it with them.

{Benjamin was strapped to me so there are no pictures of him}


Mamarazzi said...

your boys are darling! I wouldn't want to miss a single part of their day either!

Karen and Gerard said...

Looks like fun! It's so nice that you really enjoy your boys so much!

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