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Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Resolutions....what's yours?

I know... I know... It's that time of year again time to make resolutions. While I don't think you need to wait until the first of the year to make some goals, but it is a good time... and hey, everyone else is doing it.

So here are a couple of mine. Now please take note that I start with some that I know are going to be easy for me to keep. That way I can look back and pat myself on the back for keeping some of my goals.

*1} I will NOT jump off any cliffs. - This should be pretty easy as there are no cliffs in Florida... at least none that I have found.

*2}I will NOT poke my eyes out with spoons. Now this doesn't mean that I won't have the feeling to do this, but I won't actually do it.

*3}I WILL hug all my children everyday. This is easy as they are always in my lap.

See... the easy ones to do. Ok, so here are ones that I am also going to work on this year

*4} I use this blog as my journal so I am going to blog more about my past and my childhood memories, my future goals, and my dreams. I will post about my family history and my testimony as well. I have plans to print this book so I want the boys to know more about me.

*5} Once again I am going to try my darnedest to become more organized. The chaos in my head often escapes spills out all over my house. I'm hoping that I can control it a little better and have a neater house, and less chaos in my head.

*6} I will focus on my flaws a little more in the hopes to overcoming them. I am learning more about myself and am learning how to make my weaknesses my strengths.

*7} I will be on my knees more asking for strength from my Father in Heaven, and I will be in the scriptures more finding my answers.

*8}I will take each moment and drink it in. Everything about it. The smells, the sounds, the tastes. Living each day to the fullest.

*9}I will learn more about food storage and work on filling our shelves with my bottles of homemade goodness.

*10} I will take time to laugh out loud more. Tommy once said to me "Mom, I like it when you smile." I will smile more and find the joy in this journey that I am in.

There you go these are my resolutions. I have a lot to work on, but one weakness that I have found in myself is that I bite off more than I can chew most times. So I'm learning to make more steps for me and to start slow. Each of these will take time but I am excited to work on them this year.... starting today!


Jen said...

Love the not gouging out your eyes with spoons one...

Jason and Claire said...

Love how obtainable your goals are. LOVE that you're going to be using the blog as a journal. I'm excited to hear more about memories and stuff.;)

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