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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just a bit.

 Here's just a bit of the going ons around these parts.....
This is Tommy's new thing I go to take a picture of him and this is what he does. I'm not sure where he learned it from. I just think it's so funny when he does this.
 One of the boys helped me unload the dishwasher for their morning chore.... I love it when they help!!

Benji has this new thing when he is trying new foods. He always make the "trying" it face. If he doesn't like it he'll spit it out... pretty normal. If it's good he'll happily open up for another bite... again pretty normal. If he really likes it he'll giggle every time he gets another bit. I think it's pretty funny to hear him giggle. He'll get applesauce every day if he'll giggle like that.


Sami said...

I just love Benji's eyes! They are such a beautiful shade of blue. I'm a little jealous...

Mamarazzi said...

man your kids are gorgeous!!

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