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Friday, January 21, 2011

You HAVE to try this!

 These look pretty harmless don't they??? Just your run of the mill brownie huh.... Well this little guys are holding a little secret....
Do you see that??? yup...it's an Oreo!! OH YEAH!! Brownie covered Oreo!!! Want to know how to do it?? what to eat some yourself??? I'm sure you do!

Ok, I'll share it with you.
Mix yourself up some brownies batter. Then dip your Oreo's into the batter. This is messy.... but oh so good! After you dip them put them into a cupcake pan that you have greased.  Bake these babies for 12-15 minutes. When you pull them out run a plastic knife around them to loosen them up.Let them cool for about a minute then put them on a cooling rack.

After that try really hard not to eat them all yourself. At least let everyone else have ONE before you hoard them all down share them with the neighbors.... I mean this didn't happen to me I'm just warning you about how good they are}


Amy said...

I told you they were good!! If you like mint brownies, try them with mint oreos...delish!

Sami said...

I've heard about those before, and after seeing hte picture, I am even more determined to make them.
Adding oreos to my shopping list...now. :)

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