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Monday, January 17, 2011

His done this before

When we got Captain.... 9.5 years ago..... it was just the husband and I. No kids. Then we had James and Captain was slightly annoyed. He wasn't ever mean but he knew he slid down the totem a bit. I wasn't able to take him out as often. Tommy came along and he just rolled with the punches... I was trying to lose the weight so he was walked often. Tim came and poor Captain slid even further down... Tim came with his own set of problems since he was a preemie and I just didn't have as much time for the dog.

He has always been great with the kids which I'm really thankful for, but now... the look that I get form him as we bring a new kid home is "Really... another one??"

He knows he is loved by all of us, and we always say that Captain is our first kid, and James is our first child.
He really doesn't mind this stage to much... it's the crawling stage that Captain hides a bit more. I think it has something to do with the child being on the same level as him.
He does grow to like, and dare I say it... love each of the boys, and in turn they all simple love and adore him.


Regina said...

Great post. Oh my yes..our furbabies do tend to have to take the backseat from time to time but that's the one thing I love about them...they always give and show that unconditional love to the family no matter what. (even if that does mean playing hide and seek every now and then)


Sami said...

Your story kind of sounds like "Marley and Me"!
We got our Golden Retriever as a puppy when our 3rd childe was crawling. The dog tried to wrestle with him, thinking that he was one of his brothers or sisters.
Luckily, she has rolled with the punches, and she loves our kids more than life itself. I couldn't imagine living in a home without a dog!

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