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Sunday, March 14, 2010


We were outside, and Tommy was the lucky one to catch the first lizard of the season. He had it dangled by the tail, and all the boys were looking at it. I was really hoping that the tail wouldn't pop off. So I ran into the house to grab my camera. All of a sudden I hear a scream and think, "Ok, so the tail fell off." I go back outside and asked what happen thinking it wasn't' anything too bad. Unfortunately for the lizard it was bad!! I guess Tommy dropped the lizard and in the process of trying to catch it again stepped on it. {It was really gross!}

I scooted it over to the grass just so it wouldn't get stepped on any more, and I go back to what I was doing. Next thing I know the boys are over looking at it and I hear Tommy say...


Really this is such a boy thing to say! "Can I poke it?" Growing up I never wanted to poke any dead things.... I guess boys do.

{then James tried to pup it back up... that didn't work either}


Cayde and Brianna Taylor Family said...

Leah, he's pumping him back up like flat stanley. Smart thinking James:)

sarah said...

I lol'd so hard at the "can i poke it?" That is SUCH a little boy thing to say!!

Emily said...

Oh man...I'm in for some fun times in the future! How funny!


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