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Sunday, March 21, 2010

I vote NO!!!!

Raise your hand if you know what is going on at Capitol Hill.... Good, now raise your hand if you have an opinion on the health care bill.... Now raise your hand if you understand what the health care bill is about.

Fewer of you... hum.... So are you for or against it? Why?

I am trying hard to educate myself in what is going on so when things like this come up I can have an opinion that is my own. Not one that is the same as my husband {although we usually end up with the same conclusion} and not because the media told me to feel one way or the other.

So here are my thoughts on the Health Care Bill.

It's a bad idea!!! Very bad idea. Do we need reform in our health car program?? Yes we do! Is the proposed plan a good one.... NO!!! Yes, it has some good points but for the most part it's a bad thing.

Here are the things that I think are good....
*Your insurance can't drop you once you've maxed out your coverage. -This is a really good thing for those that have a terminal disease or cancer-
*Children can not be denied for having pre-existing conditions.

Ok so right now that's what I can find that is good.

Here is where I start getting nervous....

*There will be a government committee that decides what treatment/benefits you get {page 30 SEC 123} This is great huh.... someone who has never met you gets to decide what is best for your health care.... should I be insulted that I can't choose what is going to be best for me and my family??

*Any individual who does not have acceptable health care according to the government will be taxed 2.5% of income {Page 167 Lines 18-23} So if the government doesn't like what you choose, you get taxed. Sounds like I'm being forced to do something even if I don't want to.

*Any non-resident Aline will be exempt from individual taxes {Page 170, Lines 1-3} so who is going to pay??? you and me of course.

*Officers and employee's of the Govt. HC Admin. will have access to all Americana's finances and personal records {Page 195} Where is my privacy??

*It doesn't matter what specialty you have trained yourself in, all will be paid the same. {Page 241, Lines 6-8} Sounds like Socialism to me.

*Government sets the value of the doctor's profession, judgement, time ect. {Page 253, Line 10-18} DING... your time is done. I'm sorry that you can't breath... Come back tomorrow so I can see you again.

If you want to read it you can find it here.

And here is something else.... Abortion will be federally funded. That's a great way to spend our money.
This is just a bit of what is in the Health Care Bill. I don't like being forced to have to do something, and this is exactly what it is. We are going to be forced to buy the Health Care, we don't have a choice.

So.... what are your thoughts on the Bill. Do you have any?


Jen said...

I'm curious where you're getting your information. I think health insurance companies are the problem and having a government run health insurance company isn't a solution, but I think your interpretation of these things are a little off. Check out:


Love you anyway!

Jen said...

Oh - and the way I understand it, you're only forced to purchase the government option if you don't access to adequate health insurance. It's not all that different from the way Tricare runs things.

{leah} said...

My biggest issue is that I'm being forced to do something. Where is the freedom in that? And who is going to decide what is adequate? Me?? nope... the government. Since when did they become experts in {actual} healthcare? In what my family needs?

Jen said...

But you're only being forced to purchase health insurance. You don't HAVE to purchase the government option. You have to have car insurance to license your vehicle and if you don't have proof of insurance in your car then you are ticketed and sent to court until you can produce proof of insurance. You still have a choice to have whatever coverage you want to, but you HAVE to have coverage. Would you rather pay for uninsured people's medical bills in the form of higher state property, sales and income taxes (which you already do anyway)?

Amy C said...

Girl, you are very brave! I appreciate your thoughts and will follow the link so I can be better informed. Thanks much and Happy Birthday!

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