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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A new talent???

James LOVES my camera! And often asks to take pictures, I was going though his latest round of shots, and there were some definite good ones. I think this boy might have a budding talent.

Self Portrait shot.... look at all those cute freckles.
He took a picture of Tommy dancing crazy

I was wondering what this was of, and then I saw it.... do you??

He saw a bird way up there and took a picture of it! {Picture by James... edited by me}

See everybody.... I do exist!! {picture by James... edited by me}

Another self shot....{NO editing on this one... I love the way it came out!}
James these are really good and I'm proud of you! Your talents, your smile, your ability to see the good all around you. I love you!


Amy said...

Talent for sure! The last one is my favorite.

Melissa said...

my kids love cameras too. There are always surprises on it when we download the pictures - but they are not quite as good as James. He did a great job!

Cayde and Brianna Taylor Family said...

Priceless. I love the beautiful you shot and I can't get enough of the last one. TOOO CUTE!

Camie said...

I love the unedited photo of the bird in the tree. It's a great shot and I think he really captured a great angle on the second self portrait.

You've got a little genius on your hands :)

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