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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Domestic, me.

I'm at it again... being domestic and all. Maybe you remember my time with the potatoes. My good friend Nicole is a fountain of knowledge so I thought I would draw from that well while she is still here.

So here is my Christmas present a shiny pressure cooker. It's so pretty, and I was so happy to get to use it.

Today was chicken. Yup, bottled chicken. I really can not believe how easy it is. It's amazing that more people don't do this with how easy it is.
I just went and got boneless skinless chicken breasts. Salted them and stuck them in the bottle. Easy huh!!

I also made some chicken soup. With carrots, and celery, and a broth along with the chicken and it was stuck in the pressure cooker with the plain chicken.

Put all the bottles in the pressure cooker with about 3 inches of water. Seal it up and start the timer. That's it!! The thing that took the longest was just waiting for the timer to go off, and then to let the pressure out.
You can do this with bone in chicken as well. Beef, yup. Veggies... that too.
I am so excited to start canning. I am going to try to do this a couple times each month.


Anonymous said...

This looks super cool and sounds really easy.
My mom's got a pressure cooker she uses to prepare potatoes and other vegetables, but it looks quite different.
I didn't know one could prepare "canned" food...

The Campbells said...

Wow! You are domestic! I've done canning, but so far, pressure cooking kinda scares me...I'm glad it's turned out so well. I especially like the soup idea, so I may have to be brave and try it out!

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