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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


We took the boys to their first rodeo. It was a great night! It was put on by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and all the proceeds went to the Boy Scouts of America.

It was so fun to watch them enjoy the evening. They had a great time watching the saddle bronco, where the horse is bucking. And we say a couple really little kids riding, like a 5 year old girl doing barrel racing.

One really eventful thing that happen is that James got lost. I sent the boys to the bathroom with the husband, and I guess when they were done they all scattered. He came back with 2 boys. {2 out of 3 ain't bad...} and after looking for James for about 10 minutes... over the loud speaker I hear that James is at the announcer stand.

There was this event called wild cow milking...
This was a funny event to watch. And the boys got a kick out of seeing real cows being milked.

And then they had a Pig Scramble that was open to the all kids 8 & under. I lost James in the crowd of kids but here are Tommy and Tim running after a piggy. They tried so hard but all they came home with was tons of dirt in their shoes. James said he was one that jumped on a pig but it got away.
The husband and I have talked about starting a hobby farm once we are more settled {which will happen one day} and coming to the rodeo, for me, just reaffirmed that. Driving onto the ranch it was so pretty and open. And.... I was able to see the sun set!! I haven't seen a sun set in so long. {sad, but true} I want big and open. I want to see the sun set every night, I want to have a huge garden, and some livestock. If the boys want to ride horses I want to be able to be able to have stalls for them to clean out, I want the smell of the openness.
The rodeo was so fun and I can't wait for next year!!


Camie said...

I miss stuff like that too! I really need to get back to Logandale during the fair.

Camie said...

P.S. I just saw your baby ticker on your sidebar....how did I miss the announcement that you're expecting? CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Do you know what you've having?

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