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Thursday, December 30, 2010

He's got a secret...

So this guy woke up the other day with a little secret. I really had no idea! There was no fever... no snot. Lots of drooling and normal fussiness, but nothing out of the ordinary.

And then he bit me..... And while this was a pretty normal thing. I mean he likes to suck on my fingers... {I must be sweet} Anyway he had my finger and bit down and right then I knew it. There was his first pearly white!

And then upon further examination low and behold there were TWO little teeth in there.

And then!!! Can I tell you my surprise when he woke up this morning only to find that another tooth was peeking through! That's 3!! Three teeth in two days. {And I think that his fourth one is on the way as well}

To tell you  the truth I think will miss his toothless smile. But I'm sure teeth will look just as cute on him as gums do.

You know what else????? Rolling over is for babies!

Benji has decided that he is going to skip over rolling and go straight to sitting.
Rolling is for amateurs anyway.

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