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Thursday, December 23, 2010

4 Month Pictures

So.... the 4 month pictures.... late. I didn't mean for them to be late but we were still trying to finish up our quarter of school and then with the upcoming holidays. Not that I need to explain myself but there you go.

I had this idea to get pictures by the tree. Benji did not have the same idea. In fact he was not digging this at all.

 I have a couple shots that I like but most of them he is crying and not happy.
 "What's with the monkey," you ask???? You know how baby girls will have pictures with the same flower in her hair, you know... the one where when she is born it looks like someone smooshed a dinner plate to the poor girls head, and then you can see how big she has gotten compared to the flower. Yeah, this is pretty much the same thing. This is kinda the same thing.

Not so happy.

Here is one that he is feeling it a bit more.

He's not rolling yet, he is totally on his own person. He's big and healthy but happy to have everyone cater to him.
And here we have success! This was the only smile that I got during the photo shoot. Good thing he's so dang cute!

He is so funny. After he has been fed and changed as he is getting tired he'll start getting fussy. Well the trick is to hold him close and put your hand on his face. He'll settle right down and fall asleep.

At his 4 month appointment his weight was 17 pounds 8 ounces{95%}!!!! and 25 inches long {75%}
He was liking the presents, they really caught his eye.

He is a really good baby and like to be held by everyone. But if he has been held to much by others during the day at night I'm the only one who can put time to sleep. 

And we lost it. I tried to get him to smile again.... but alas it was not to happen.

He totally loves his dad!!! When the husband talks Benji perks right up and looks around to see him. As soon as dad picks him up he will flash his beautiful smile.

..... not at all.

I figure we all can't be happy all the time.

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