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Thursday, December 23, 2010

First day of Winter

While some are toasting in the first day of winter all bundled up.... we the boys are shirtless, outside, and eating pomegranates.
 All that red juicy goodness.
What better way to spend the first day of winter?

I like this picture of James. He gets annoyed when I ask him to look at the camera and so he does and he makes sure he is looking at me.

Tim L.O.V.E.S pomegranates!!! His method.... just chomping down and eating it.

He likes to make sure he gets every last piece.
Tommy like sucking the juice out and liked licking the red juice dripping down his fingers.

James like to pick out each little piece and eat them separately.
It was a good way to spend the day!!! Red faces and all!


Jen said...

I LOVE that your boys are shirtless outside on the first day of winter...

Ginger said...

Makes me want out, out, out of Utah.

JRoberts said...

We can NOT do that here...we have too much snow! :) Great photos.

Cassi : ) said...

I was always jealous of my neighbor growing up because he could take his shirt off when it got really hot. :)

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

We LOVE pomegranates! My SIL from St. George always makes pomegranate jelly from the ones her parents send her from their backyard. YUM!

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