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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Guess Where we are

While we were up in North Carolina visiting with family we had a free day and decided to take a road trip. {again} and see a place that we have been eyeing as a possibility of a place for us to put down roots. so off we were again. I love road tripping with the family! we have such a good time.

Anyway, after hitting the Welcome Center for the city we went to see one of the main attractions of the place.
Here it is. The Largest man made star!

And here is what it overlooks. You can see the buildings but beyond that is land.... tons of land, that is open and farm-able. {oh, and can you see the Blue Ridge Mountains??? pretty huh!}
So were are we???? I'm not telling. once are plans are totally in to open they get squashed. I gave you some info, if you want to know where we are you'll be able to find out where we went.


Randi said...

I know, I know!

JaLesha said...

You could have used that picture for a Christmas card too! You all look so cute and even the dog is in the picture! Isn't it so nice when you finally get a picture of the WHOLE family (not necessarily the dog, just all the kids AND mom AND dad! lol). :o)

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