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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Burning Bush

You know the story of Moses and the burning bush??? I"m sure you do. Well that did NOT happen to us. Tommy did however manage to set a bush on fire!

I was inside with Benjamin and I turn to look out the window to see Tommy out lighting a bush on fire. I hand the baby off as James is saying how it looks like the bush that is in the story with Moses, and run out there.

Fortunately this was an unwanted bush, and that the leaves and pine needles were so wet that nothing else caught fire!

I asked Tommy what he was doing and he said that he wanted his own fire pit that was in a different spot. I explained that we don't take a stick to light other things on fire around us. He politely corrected me and said that it wasn't with one stick.... it was with two sticks!

He wasn't allowed near any fires the duration of our trip.

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