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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Road Trip

We took a road trip up to North Carolina for Thanksgiving, this was Benji's first road trip and just like all the other crazies, he did quite well. As we were driving through South Carolina I got out my camera.
The children need to know they have a mom... mostly I'm behind the camera. When they grow up they will look at this picture and say... up... that's what she looks like.... A camera stuck to her face. {in my defense I'm really not that bad but I do go in spurts where I am always taking pictures.

Here is the husband. He likes to think he is a slave driver when we are on trips... always telling everyone to hurry and that we need to be on time. But really it's me... because we all know he would never leave without me. Him with all 4 of the boys by himself..... Yeah... he'll wait.

Here is the picture of the 4 boys.... and the dog. Well ok... 3 boys one car seat and the dog.

And here is another thing that we saw..... trees... and not just any trees, but trees that were changing color. We really don't get that here in Florida. we have palm trees.... pine trees... and trees that have leaves that turn brown and fall off. But here... we have color. It was so pretty.

We also passed a van full of men. after passing back and forth a couple times we figured out what they were doing. The government plates gave it away. they had just gotten of the plane and were being taken to Boot Camp.Oh the memories that brought back for the husband. We just giggled knowing that life for them and their families would never be the same.


sinika said...

I love your photo in the mirror! So cute.

Emily said...

good times! I, too, sometimes feel like I have camera at the face disease. Need to hire a personal photographer to follow us around, I guess?!

You have such an adorable lit'l family!

JaLesha said...

Fun pictures!!

one quick click will help me get into the top 25!!

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