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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We like the Zoo.

We are a Zoo loving family. We try to hit the zoo where ever we happen to be. My favorite by far is the Tucson Zoo it's big enough to have all the good animal, but small enough to do in a couple hours. {it's also cheap} But that is not what this is about.

We went to the Brevard Zoo out here in Florida. I thought we would have gotten in free because we had a membership to another zoo... unfortunately I was wrong {that doesn't happen much} but we did get in for half price. So we entered in and were on our way.

Don't you love it when you take kids some place and they are entertained by the simplest thing. Here are the boys feeding little pink birds. Wild birds.... really, we come to the zoo to feed tha animals that jut hang out here.
Tim was enthralled by this brass little squirrel. As we walked by he begged to get a picture of it.

Of course Benjamin was happy for the moment sucking on his hand {he has got some beautiful eyes... don't you think??}. I took this picture of Benji while the boys were playing with the monkeys. The other boys were running back and forth in front of the cage and the monkey would do the same. Or is it the other way around??? was the monkey playing with them???
James learned the hard way why we do not stand under birds... especially vultures!

We got to watch the zoo keepers feed the alligators and then we got to touch a 5 year old alligator. James was so excited and sat there so long asking question. He would have been there still if the people behind him weren't getting impatient.
Tommy wanted to see inside the gators mouth. He was bummed that it was taped shut.

Tim was fascinated with this little guy and wanted to keep petting it. Alligators are actually very interesting, and each little bump or plate on their back is actually bone.
I even got a picture with Benji next to the alligator. I think it would have been cool to get a picture of him sitting on the alligator, but... I didn't think about that until now. And wouldn't you know... I'm sitting down there with the gator and I forgot to touch the guy!
This is one of the big gators! This is Henry and he is 8 and a half feet long!!! Can you imagine walking in the swamp or down by the river and step on this guy??!! That's why I don't walk in the swamp.
Oh... and this.... this is a Snipe... you know from Up. Ok -  not really but it reminds me of one.

It's fun taking the boys to the zoo. They are still young enough to really enjoy it, and they are still excited enough to want to walk and see everything. I love watching the their faces as they see the animals, especially  when the animals are active. Here's to a great day!

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Karen and Gerard said...

Trips to the zoo are always fun! We like the zoo too! That is really neat that your sons got to pet that gator!

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