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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nothing but a Car show

Part of the reason we were in North Carolina was because the husband had an Upper Cervical conference, and because we were going to spend time with family up there anyway we all jumped in to go. Well we had a whole day to kill while we were there so looking around for something to do with the boys... that was free was harder than I thought. But after talking to a good friend, I found that a race car museum was in the area. So off we went...

I was hoping just to pop in for a bit and let the boys look at the stuff and be out of there. Little did I know that this would be a quick trip.

There happen to be a car show that same day. So... we joined in the fun.

Some guy let the boys get in the car he had that he was showing. Crazy man had no idea what he was getting into! I took a quick piture of James in the driver seat before thy broke anything. the bad thing was that after that the boys thought they could get into any car that was sitting there. I really got some dirty looks from people as the boys were walking by with their flailing hands.

I just thought this was cool, you always see these bikes in books and stuff and I have now seen them for real.

Oh... the temptation. You can just see it writen all over his face that he needs to touch the car.

He and Tommy trying really hard to keep their hands to them self. I was really proud of all the boys. We did not damage on car while we were there!!

{look they really do have stickers for headlights}
Thank heaven's for roll bars!!!

After all the walking they were pretty much done. We saw a ton of cool cars and walked through a bunch of nicely landscaped areas..... really... tat was safer than coming close to the cars!

They really were not thrilled when we were walking back and I told them I saw a car that they could touch.... not thrilled at all.

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