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Monday, December 6, 2010

Growing Fast

Our little guy is growing so fast!!! And well gosh darn it, just so cute! To be honest I"m not sure if B is the last one or not, but just incase he is I'm taking the time to enjoy him.

He is much more needy than the other three. He likes to be held all the time.... I'm definitely getting an arm work out.
Those baby blues get big and happy when he is being held. Which by the way if you are sitting he likes to face you and have you talk to him. But really.... he prefers to be held facing out and he likes to have you walking around with him. {That is the only way he'll let the husband hold him}
He's not rolling over quite yet, he's trying... kinda. I think he'll take his time getting around to his milestones. With all the other boys I starting feeling them kicking at 17 weeks when I was pregnant... not so with Benjamin. I was 24 weeks before he started kicking away.
He went through a huge growth spurt and in 3 weeks went from size one diapers to size 4's!!! He grew out of all 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes!! And the sock... oh the socks... they squeeze his little... well, not so little feet, and he is wearing 12 month socks.
I really can't get over this dimple!

For what ever reason he thinks that the words "Smoke Detector" is so funny, and giggle when ever the brothers start saying it to him. I really won't be surprised if that is his first words.

What a joy he is!! I can't imagine him not being here with us.


Amy said...

What a cute little dude!

Emily said...

Oh Leah...he is beyond cute! I love his dimple. Smoke Detector...eh?! Maybe he'll be a fireman!

He really really is adorable!

How fast they grow. Wahhhh!

sinika said...

He's so cute Leah. Glad you are enjoying him so much. :)

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