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Monday, December 13, 2010

New Fruit

I went shopping up in North Carolina and came in contact with a new fruit. I like when we find new things to try, and the boys are almost always game....{almost}

So when we found this new thing I grabbed one and we gave it a go.

This is called a Chiermoya. It comes from South America, and it's tastes like a cross between a mango and a papaya. You have to peel it and the seeds run all the way through ti. It wasn't really sweet or juicy.

James decided that one piece was enough for him, but he did eat the whole thing. Tim how ever loved it and kept asking for more.

At the store I also saw a sugar cane. I'm big on wanting the boys to know where stuff comes from, not that you go to the storeand things come baged or wrapped. So I grabbed a sugar cane and brought that home too. I'm not sure  if I cut it right but the boys had a great time chewing on it and sucking the sweet juice out of it.

The other boys lost interest but not Tim. He walked around with the sugar cane for about 30 minutes.
.....And then asked for more of the Chiermoya.


Amy said...

They are my favorite! we had them in Grenada and St. Vincent all the time. They call it Ugly Fruit.

Maggie said...

Huh...I wonder if I can get those here in NZ. I'd like to give them a try.

Tim looks so pleased with his new treats!!

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