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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!!

We didn't get a chance to send out Christmas cards this year so I hope you don't mind that I am sending it this way. Keep us on you list for next year because they will definitely be in your mail box. Trying to get the boys together for a picture was... well... as expected.

2010 Top Ten!!

1}First and foremost we had a baby!!!! Benjamin Steele was born on 8-9-10 {great birthday huh!!} He was 8lbs. 13oz. and 20 inches long. He is a joy and a great addition to our family.
2}Steve has finished his first year in Chiropractic school {only 2 more years to go!!}. He is doing great and enjoys what he is learning.
3}Tommy taught himself to read and is now reading on a 3rd grade level. I can't keep enough books around the house for him.
4}James is playing the violin, and just finished his first recital. He has a natural ear for it and is even enjoying practicing every day.
5}Tim continues to charm the pants off people with his spunky personality. He has a love for dinosaurs and knows the name of every one.... and often corrects me when I say the name wrong.
6}We moved.... just around the corner. What would a year be like if we didn't move??? The new house is much better. I have an 8 foot island {yup, you read that right :)}AND it doesn't leak!
7}With the great big island I have had a fun time cooking, and have been trying tons of new recipes. Mostly cupcakes and muffins. I like having a place to spread out and it's big enough for all the boys to help.
8}Our second year of homeschooling is going well. We took a couple months off after Benji was born, and then jumped right back in. And the boys are doing great and really excelling.
9}I have been canning. I have been canning meats and veggies as well. I love knowing that we are eating healthy and that I am stocking our shelves.
10}After being here a year we are finding that Florida isn't that bad. We are enjoying that the beach is 10 minutes away and we have even found some little hiking trails. We have learned that summer time is the time to stay inside and that everyone emerges in the fall/winter time.

Oh yeah..... The husband and I celebrated 10 years of wedded bliss this year!!!! Ok... ups and downs but mostly bliss.

We love all and think about you often. I hope that this year has been a good one for you and that the new year holds many wonderful things.

Him, Me, James, Tommy, Tim, & Benjamin

{The boys get annoyed hearing their mom tell them to look at the camera all the time.}


Emily said...

Merry Christmas to you too, my dear friend!

Sounds like you had an extremely happy and productive year! Here's hoping 2011 is just as good to ya!

Amy said...

Merry Christmas!

Rob, Brooke and Caleb said...

Cute pictures!!! Haha, I can only imagine trying to get 4 boys to look at the camera at the same time and smile!! You guys have a great Christmas! btw I would love your help with the moby wrap- thanks!! I'll call you when I pull it out if I cant get it figured out. Veancha showed me hers at church yesterday and I can't believe how much fabric it is- it looks a little overwhelming!!

JaLesha said...

Awww! So fun! Great to hear about everyone!! The boys sure are handsome!!

Jason and Claire said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one behind this year! Your boys are ADORABLE!! Seriously! Merry Christmas!!;)

Connie said...

Looks like you've had a great year! Hope 2011 is for you too!

Merianne said...

You have a beautiful/handsome family...Happy Holidays

Odland Family said...

So great to see the pictures and how cute they all are. What a great family you have and glad all is well. It seems like yesterday we were sitting in the NBICU together in Layton hoping and praying all would be fine! You are always in our thoughts and prayers. So good to hear the success in Chiropractic school...keep up the good work. Dang my back hurts...do you make house calls? ;-)
Dick is still in Iraq and longs for the day he will be home again. We all look forward to getting back home to a normal life. Hopefully this summer.6 years is an insanely long period of time to be apart! We are still waiting for Primary Childrens Cardiology Team to make their decision on what is best for John...Pace maker or no pace maker. We should know in March. We pray for the best and are confident the Lord is with us. How else could we have gotten through these last 6 years. Love you all...The Odlands

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